Strategy for ICT Startup creation for Italy – corporate model

Strategy for the creation of ICT Startup for Italy by corporate participation.

An innovation model for Italian startup towards the regions abroad more interested and offering more opportunity towards the needs of young startups could be a new industry for Italy? As the export/import of food or manufacturing precision products are?

Here is an example of Startup-Corporate innovation model. A medium-large size Italian company could select one of its innovation projects which is currently done internally and create in Silicon Valley a startup tasked with implementing the project and having the Italian company as first customers. What’s the critical point in the project? Personnel selection who must have competences both technological and managerial to realize the project. It is very rare to find in Italian corporate, personnel having such innovation oriented skills. As a matter of fact PhDs are spurned by Italian companies! And so most of corporate managers are project manager and do not have the skills to participate or manage innovation projects involging even a small part of applied research.

In fact how many Italian managers know how to develop an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning system? How many know how to perform a blockchain transaction? Those are very rare figures in Italy corporate environment indeed. ProMarket 11 has however all the competences needed to facilitate the realisation of this project.

‘Brain drain’ and ‘brain come-back’. This model if realized at the level of country, could reduce the brain drain phenomena and actually create a brain come-back and di brain attraction movement toward Italia?

This is an idea that has the full support and interest of Promarket 11, and a project for which corporate partners are actively sought for.

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